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The Mouser is a delicate Fox call. To be used as a Coaxing Call.

Seal the Call between your lips and you can hold it between forefinger and thumb for greater stability, and gently inhale/exhale (move your tongue rapidly back and forth to make short squeaks) to produce a distressed rodent tone such as a mouse or field vole.

Works well out to over 200yds on a still night.

Technical Spec - Dimensions 43mm x 15mm x 5mm Approx Weight 2grams


3D-FOX Tenterfield Fox Call

This call can be used hands free with the added raised ridge line section on either side of the V for you to hold with your lips, place in your mouth logo up, then place your teeth on both sides between the ridge line strip and the hole on both sides and blow, and you can hold it with forefinger and thumb on either side to increase the pitch.

This design has proven to be easier to use than metallic versions and with a varied pitch when you bite the call while in use.

This is a very easy call to use and by varying how hard you blow it you can really reach out to those foxes 300plus yards away.

Technical spec - Dimensions 35mm x 36mm x 11mm Approx Weight 4grams

Technical Spec - Dimensions 45mm long x 30mm Dia x 10mm Deep, Approx Weight 5 grams